Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Say Chess 11/05

took two plates of home made chess bars into work yesterday. Remember I said there would be moans and " Oh, I can't eat that!" from everyone? And that they'd all be gone in an hour? Well, that's what happened. I also took a plate of them down to Medical as two plates was a bit much for where I work. You should have seen their faces when I walked in down there and said "chess bars...."! Now they were honest about it. " BREAKFAST is here!" They were surprised and tickled as can be to get those. I will remember them more often. Then, it wasn't an hour later when myself and one other person working with me that day didn't get selected for a random drug test. I made the most of of that as I could joke-wise when I reported to Medical.
All in all it was a good day. Surprisingly good. You know how I mislike going in on days. Not bad a'tall! It was a good hair day too. Now try to beat THAT!
This is the last'un though. Long break start tonight when I get home as I took that 4 hrs. off tomorrow. Yippee!
I came upon some Shakespearean insults! Love 'em. Too bad we don't speak that way any more!

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