Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sept '05

Oh, my belly. We ate very early..scarcely anyone in the restaurant but I was plenty hungry anyway what with just oatmeal in the early morning w/ toast and a bunch of grapes for lunch and a cuppa yogurt at 1500 to hold me.
I had my usual entree sort of dinner, a hunka meat w/ gravy and a small baked potato. That did it for me. I was bustin' wide open then. Had some cold grapes from the salad bar for dessert. We came back here and had a cup of coffee, sat on the deck and admired what's been done with the siding so far and believe me..this place was SO ready for a makeover!!!
B. played fish with the cat who practically TALKED to B. about wanting to play. Pointed right at the fishing pole in the corner..made play lunges toward it. B. got the hint.
I got a basketful of Godiva chocolates, their cookies and a variety of other Godiva things! Can you believe it? I said " Are you trying to KILL me????" Law me, I can't eat that stuff..I'd gain 50 pounds in as many minutes. But I certainly didn't tell B. that. I will take one a night to work and persuade Wade that he needs to help eat these. I so appreciated the gift. The card was sweet too.
Speaking of sweet..I had mentioned one of my sons coming over for the night yesterday. The cat was so tickled to see him that it was remarkable to see! She pranced. Yes, pranced. Ran all over the room tail straight up into the air, and up and down the it was a celebration that he had come to see her. And it was indeed a celebration both for her and for me.
Whew, I am stuffed full with that dinner even though it was 3 hrs. ago. Miserably full. I bet that meat didn't weigh 5 oz. cooked maybe..and the tater was like a 6 ouncer. My sons know just where we went and what I had. It was where we always went and I always got the same thing.
Just a lovely day. Warm, soft, partly sunny. Lots of hammer banging and turmoil and trips back and forth to the " Big City" for E., but a wonderful past 24 hrs. A fitting " Sunday" for me before the night shifts start.
Later, dudes

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