Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sept 23rd. Audobon Zoo N.O.

I wonder how my friend the albino alligator fared in the Audubon Zoo, New Orleans?
I haven't seen him in several years. In truth, I had the pleasure just once but I never forgot him.
There he was, just splendid in his creamy white skin and beautiful startlingly blue eyes..rolling lazily in his water confinement. No..confinement is too harsh a word. It was meant only to state he wasn't lying on ground when I saw him, that's all. He happened to have been within water in his area. That describes it more fairly. The Zoo has wonderful accommodations for all its animals and reptiles. And a wonderful Insectarium as well. I have been so concerned about the large variety of butterflies that were within the Insectarium. Did they make it? Did the alligator? Did any or all the animals and reptiles make it alright during Katrina? My understanding is only that they didn't take on water per se but the animals were traumatized. Certainly we know the human suffering but I have spent some time also grieving for the animals. All of them, domestic and zoo kept.
I remember so well getting to visit there. It was a humid hot hot hot day and the last place to be gone into was the relative coolness of the Insectarium. There were many butterflies of all sorts who were free within the huge Insectarium to roam at will. Flowers everywhere for their delectation. They would land on those of us who came to see them, not afraid.
When leaving, one passes through rather an airlock not unsurprisingly where one experiences a strong gust of air. That is to dislodge any precious and delicate visitors who might still be taking a ride in your hair..on your shoulder..clinging to your dress.
I just wonder how everything did at the Zoo. Guess I won't know for some time if ever.

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