Monday, June 28, 2010


Gees. I'm now off on my long break and what is it doing? It's snowing. I was hoping for a trip to Charlotte Friday. May still happen. I will have to keep a weather eye out.
I deleted the last 2 blogs as terminally uninteresting. This one will be too and may meet the butcher's block in the morning. Just keeping my hand it as it were.
What in the world is it about tiny cuts on the pad of a finger? Some how I did that, again, and it hurts enough to feel like someone pouring turpentine in it every second of every minute of every hour..etc etc. Of course, if this is the worst I have to endure I will have it made.
RSS came by and picked up my blog entry where I described my lower back pain. Hmm. So did Krystal's. I must have mentioned them somewhere.
I remember, speaking of snow a few lines ago this area being hit by the blizzard of, was it '96? No, not 1896, turkey! I went to bed, all unknowing and it was March, mind you, and when I woke..the wind was howling in the 70 mph range, the snow was falling in sheets and my Z28 was covered over. I have a picture where just the one rear view mirror edge was showing from the blankets of snow. That was one of THE most impressive snows..well, blizzards I have ever been through. In this Country anyway. In Europe we have been through some impressive horrifying snows. With thunder!!!!!!! Anyway, they called me in to WORK I will have you know. I'm like..."right. 70 mph winds...18 inches so far, of snow where it's flat and drifts up to 4-6 with a Camaro Z28, suuuuure I'll be right down my mountain in a jiffy. Stand by". So, no I didn't go and no one could get here to get me so we all stayed here and believe it or not, didn't lose power once. That blizzard took in the entire Southeast for sure.
I remember too that my youngest son had to dig a trench to the dogwood tree so the cat we had then, Robin, could go to the bathroom. She was an indoor/outdoor girl and never used a litterbox. Not even in extremis. So when the wind stopped, he headed out, dug her a trench and that poor little thing really made use of the trench and her favorite, ahem, watering spot. I don't know how she held out so long but she did. She made frequent use of that trench for days as the snow was very slow to melt.
Shew..not my favorite of memories...that was scary. Not the cat..the blizzard.
Hey, good night. My eyes are burning.

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