Thursday, June 24, 2010

Still Kickin'

Beat up" for three day shifts; having my 24 hr. break as we speak and about to embark on the three midnight shifts tomorrow evening. But I'm still alive and kicking.
I am as glad as though I were having a 7 day break almost. Hard as it is, I am holding on and not headed to bed ( at 2059 it is past my day shift bedtime. Having the 24 hrs. off plus having to take a long nap tomorrow at noon means I am trying to be a big girl tonight and stay up. I'll get up 6-ish tomorrow morning and head back to bed at noon for 3 hrs. And then, go on in to work.
Supposed to have snow showers on toward morning. Some more during the late afternoon and evening on into the wee hours. Snow showers.
Just finished my shower and applied the fake tan. Funny, it doesn't make me think warmer. I'm still chilly! ( I'm kidding, folks)
Tell me, does the chewing gum really lose its flavor on the bedpost over night?
Does anyone really race with the moon?
What did the cow hope to accomplish when she jumped over the moon?
Fame? Fortune? Weight loss?
How do skeletons communicate? ( telebone!!)
How much wood can a woodchuck chuck? ( always assuming a woodchuck can chuck wood?)
Little dogs laugh. Does that mean cats smirk?
Peter Piper has issues, doesn't he??
Who's on first?
Later dudes

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