Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Things I don't care for 10/05

Howdy and good morning at 1716 hrs. I got up an hour and a half ago!
Things I don't care much for:
The cat coming in while I sleep and loving the scent of my shampoo so much she just flops down in my hair that is spread out on the pillow! If that doesn't give her what she is looking for, then rubbing her face on it comes next. She is either scenting ME with HER scent or getting herself scented with MY scent. Either way, it wakes me up and sleep is precious during the day while I am on midnights. I reached up yesterday and felt a dear little ( and quite beautiful) head laid invitingly atop of mine. I asked her politely to please move and sleep on her side of the bed. No luck but I made feeble swipes often enough to get her to move somewhat so I could go back to sleep.
Don't care for folks who aren't true to themselves. If you are a " so and so" then act like one consistently. Don't show a false face of friendliness to another just to turn about and blast that individual you were just being " friendly" to. Just let your true colors shine through, whatever they are. Not doing so adds falsehood to the already ugly maliciousness. No. Nothing happened to me. I was observing this behavior last night and did not participate in it. One can always turn away or one can address it depending on the circumstances.
Other than that, another midnight shift will begin here shortly.
So, laters

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