Thursday, June 24, 2010

Things I'm Suddenly Tired Of

The words 'buzz', 'zip' 'run' refering to going somewhere, and 'browse' for looking at books; as in "I'm going to buzz by...." " I'm going to zip by to..." etc.
The wanna-be words 'um' 'uh' as spacers/fillers while one presumably thinks of their next thought or phrasing in a spoken sentence. Just stop talking, people. A second worth of silence won't cause you or the listener to implode!
Words I love and no one (but us as a family) uses: Vapid and vaucous. All these pet peeves are well known by my family who also have good vocabularies and use them.
I don't know why I have a distinct dislike of the word browse. It must be its sound. I'm sure that is what it is with me.
Oh yes.." flip" through a magazine or book's pages. Um, does that mean you are doing acrobatics while attempting to turn pages?
"Flipping on the TV" "Flipping on a light." uh, what about the word turn?
However, moving right along ( another awful turn of phrase) I will discontinue my tirade and perhaps flip a few pages in a magazine till I can finally go to bed. Have to be a big girl and stay up till at least 2230 if I can. I need to get my nights and days turned back around. I can see I am a bit grouchy.
See ya dudes

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