Saturday, June 19, 2010


I was reading one of my son's blog entries about languages. I remembered all that he recollected well. Generally, he had stated that his older brothers had been taking French from junior high all the way through into and past high school and that inspired him in a sense as the other two were always speaking French to torment him as he didn't understand it at the time. So, he showed them! He learned himself all thru junior high and high school. What made another memory for me was once, three of four of us were and still are to some extent deep into Star Trek, TNG. We all decided we would learn Klingon so as to confound any listeners while we were out eating, whatever.
Unfortunately that took a bit more work than we were apparently willing to put into it hence, it didn't happen except for some choice phrases. We even retained some Vulcan terms. We still use them. Sigh. Man, I loved that series. Liked the old series too, the Origional Star Trek, but all of us can say the words from each episode right along with the characters we have seen them so many times.
Got to thinking a couple days ago about something. I probably need to compose my thoughts more before I get deep into it but someone has said..and it may have been James Joyce ( wish I knew for sure) that friendship cannot exist between men and women..that there must always be, you know.
I don't agree with that. Friendship IS possible and does exist between some men and some women. I have three male friends. True 'cares about me as a fellow human being' friends. I would not ever say that stray or random thought never occurs in a friend to friend male/female friendship. After all, everyone is human. However, one doesn't voice those thoughts when one really is a friend and one supplants them with other thoughts that are more condusive to a relationship based only on friendship. I believe one could say self control is at the forefront.
Just thought I would throw that in for the 2, 3, people who will see this. GRIN.

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