Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Those were old

Those were 4 old blogs from August 2005. I am transporting some of the old ones over here and then, I will have them taken up if I can still find the company that does it, and have them made into a paperback for myself as a memento. MSN won't allow that on their site so unless I print each one over there on Spaces, I am flat out of luck.

Some may be fun to read for you now. I will do that several times a week, 4 or so at a time.! I got up half an hour ago. See you soon.


  1. Coffee has already entered my little system and I'm loving it though I got to talking to my mom and the coffee wasn't as hot as I would have liked by the time I got to it. Have a good one today Carole!

  2. Exactly why I took and copied a lot of my stuff someplace else and I even have them copied on a CD,well the good ones are anyway.. Pays to keep
    them for what happens in your life. : )

  3. Hi Ramblingon,
    there is a service that will turn your Blogger posts into a book Here is the latest update info on that service from Blogger Buzz: :)