Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Today, June 23, 2010

Great good morning to you!

More and more of our blog family is coming over due to the unfriendly Spaces we have grown to mistrust. I like what Greg said..that those of us who are intertwined..a real blog family, all seem to be at least making a blog here while not giving up on Spaces yet. I will give up, soon as I finish doing what I'm doing with much as Blogspot will allow. No idea of limitations on storage.

It is gorgeous out and I need to get out there in it. First, I will cover myself with Deet so I won't get carried away again by the skeeters.

They're still out there tearing up the road in preparation to repaving it. I dread the actual paving in a way as you can't just stay in the house constantly and some of the tar will get on the cat no matter how slowly you go.

Beth has also formed a blog here and she too is transferring selected blogs over. You never know on Spaces. Better to TRY to preserve what's important to you as a blogger than get a big (another) unpleasant surprise.

Gerry..thank you SO much for all of the information so far, Much appreciated. Glad you are a member of my blog family.

No more emoticons so I can't put anything here, but bye for today. ♥


  1. I finally found you! I put you on my Follow list so I should be able to find you often here. Hope you follow me here too. I'm still at Spaces and will keep my blog there---usually with more pictures than here. Great to add you to my list here!

  2. I think that we have hit the point where we cannot ignore the things that are going on at WLS. Consistency is so important and being notified of changes is vital. I had to refresh people's pages and repost a limited comment since that's about all they allow now. I'm glad to see friends come over here...oh so glad! Thanks for hanging in there Carole!

  3. Hi Ramblingon,
    Here is a little FYI for you or anyone else who has come over from WL to Blogger. If you are bringing over old posts, there is a way that you can back date these posts to their original date if you want to. If you are using the Blogger post editor, there is a link at the bottom left corner that says "Post Options." If you click it a box will open where you will see a place to change the time and Date. The posts will appear on your blog in order of the dates you put in. You can also add labels to your posts, and have the label list show on the front page of you blog so people can choose to look at posts by category. Another thing you can do on Blogger is add the "Pages" feature where you can put special info such as an about me page, or contact info, or use one as a Guestbook like I did on my site. You can put the tabs for these under your header or on the sidebar. there are a lot of cool things you can do here that you can't do on Spaces. Also, while Blogger does not have a built in Statistics gadget, it's not hard to add one. I use Stat Counter, and Site Meter is another good one. There are others too. There is a lot of good info on the Blogger help page, including articles and forums. Let me know if you have any questions. I have been helping people on the Blogger forum with some of the easier questions. My name on there is "Late Night Guy". It's fun to help, but I am still learning. Pass on this info if you want. I hope you have a nice day!
    Gerry :)

  4. I thought that I was here with you already?
    it must be just in my head I'm not good in the emotion problems with these complex this my space situation "my neck on half there?"
    Have agreat day
    xoxox Sis.

  5. P.S. I came over from Spaces in 2007 and haven't looked back since ("2 Parts H, 1 Part O"). It was changing every other day and automatically linking address books - it was crazy then..I can't imagine the trouble I'd still have. I did what Gerry suggested, though, and moved older entries over. Pack your toothbrush and stay a while! :)

  6. I adore the flower at the top of your page. It is awesome
    Lots of good hints from Gerry. I am taking note.

  7. No doubt you will prosper wherever you find yourself.