Monday, June 28, 2010


Some folks are just, well, just trolls, aren't they? I mean, you wonder if indeed they really DO live under a bridge, just like Billy Goat Gruff from old children's fairy tales.
About everyone has met a troll in their lives. It may be a relative, a neighbor or someone with whom you work. The ones with whom you work are the worst ones to clang up against 'cause you can't get away from them. It's always you who has to compromise; not them. They're having a blast.
Where did this all come from? Well, a friend just returned a book I bought some months ago and lent to her. It has made the rounds of a lot of my friends. I saw the author on GMA one morning being interviewed. It's called " The Sociopath Next Door" by Martha Stout, PhD, and I am here to tell you that it really sheds light on those people you dread to deal with. I highly recommend it. It opened MY eyes to two persons I have worked with and why they are what they are. They are sociopaths. That is not the same as psychopaths, by the way. Did I spell that right? I swear, I wish this thing had a spell check.
Another book I heard about also on GMA and bought is called " He's Just Not That Into You." by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo. We are talking a major eye opener here folks.
No, I am not being paid to do this. Just I feel it is worth while reading.
Any way, I am struggling to stay awake till at least 2200. Had 3 hrs. of sleep after I got home. Me and the guys all went out to breakfast right after work. We do that on the last midnight shift as a celebration. That got me into bed late and I still had to get up at noon in order to get my nights and days turned around again. So, I am sleepy and trying to be a big girl and stay up. That way I will feel like a million dollars tomorrow.
If I go sit down to finish reading all the papers that piled up waiting on these 6 days/nights work cycle to end, it will be curtains for me. The cat will be in my lap all purring and I'll go right off to sleep. That would be OK if it didn't mean I'd be up and at 'em at 0400.


  1. Oh yes, I have worked with and for! some trolls. OY!
    I read the book, "He's Just Not That Into You" and it beats you over the head with the obvious; unfortunately, many of us woman need to be beaten over the head with the book itself until we wake up and smell the coffee! Have a little pride for goodness sake! They aren't all that and there are tons! of them, so pick one who treats you as you should be treated...Nicely!
    The blog writer that comes with Blogspot does have spell check. Are you using Windows Writer? I don't think they do.

  2. Now you know why I cut off my long blue hair. Wink!

    Seriously, sociopathic behavior has been on the increase. I could go into a whole thesis on the increase of this dysfunctional psychopathy. But we don’t want your new blog to become anti-social. Geesh…I diverted back to silliness. Maybe I need therapy eh???

    Have a wonderful Wednesday. The weather is purrfect here…