Monday, June 28, 2010

Valerntines Day 06

You know how it can be sometimes..I who always feel like a million dollars was feeling like 86 bucks this weekend. Just not at the top of my game. However nothing major. Just extremely tired and sleepy and a little dizzy. (people who know me would jump up to declare that me being dizzy is always true, the cads!!)
However, I am back to a million dollars again and just came back from lunch with a friend. Just glad the downtime occurred while I was off work.
It is still exceeding cold and windy. All this hair I have floating romantically (yeah, SURE) about in the blastingly cold wind needed a thorough re-combing when I got back in the house.
Left my paycheck in a manner of speaking at Wally World before lunch. Man, you go in for cat litter and come out 66 dollars lighter. Is it a mesmerizing spray or something the minute you pass through their portals??? Or is it a bad case of "I need it" coming thru? I think it's the latter.
At 1530 my time I will check to see if I won an eBay auction. Probably not. I get sniped most all the time.
Expecting company in about an hour but Happy Valentine's Day to each of you.

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