Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Waaaa! I don't wanna 10/05

Anyone who knows me can figure that the title means I start work tonight. The midnight shifts begin. The break is over. A new work cycle starts tonight. But when it's over that leave me with, like, ten work cycles, one month each, to go. Then I will find something else to do somewhere else. The 12 hr. shift rotation has grown very old for me.
I have my snack items and cereals bagged and ready for the next four shifts. My dinners ( or breakfasts really in this case) will be chosen daily as opposed to having them ready to be simply thrown into my work bag each evening as are the snack items. I have fruit already washed and ready. All I need do is pluck it and the other cold items out of the refrigerator and go.
I do all this preparation so as to ease my time crunch once once I start a work cycle. I have so little time between getting home and having to go to bed and getting up and having to go to work that any preparation I can do before the whole thing starts is a plus for me.
The life of a shift worker. There are many of us out there and we are all a loose brotherhood ( sisterhood?) of special folks. Sometime or other I may go into my thoughts on how shift work ( rotation ) affects families and marriages sometimes. If anyone reads this who is a married ( or not) shift worker, they may want to comment.
Later dudes

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