Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What Good is She? 11/05

I heard all this scurrying around this morning. Last night too as a matter of fact right here in the computer room. I thought.." Ah ha! She's found ( O horrors) a mouse!" But no, the Lady was attacking a helpless cricket. Best fun she's had in a raft of Sunday's I would be bound to say. I still remember when there was a real mouse in the house but happily for a few seconds I didn't know that. I thought it was one of the many furry little fake mice I buy her to play with. ( belatedly I tell you I am referring to my cat). There she was..leaping like an acrobat and making little delighted sounds batting this mouse about. The mouse was making arcs in the air and landed under the dining room table in a mesh of chair legs etc.. I thought " Let me get that for her " and reached to have the thing move! Revelation! A MOUSE! A MOUSE!! Oh My gosh, a REAL one!
The cat stood by for me to retrieve her " toy" and I stood shrieking. Finally, fear galvanized me into leaping with abandon toward the closet whereupon I got the broom and tried to keep it (the mouse) under the straw of the broom while I thought the matter out. ( Pale carpet, you understand!)
However, the mouse had moved torpidly and was decently enough under the weather to be swept hastily out of the livingroom onto the deck. Ewwwww. EWWWWWW.
Now as to the title. I asked what good is she as it became obvious this was a mouse already on its last legs when she found it. I have had a few healthy and hale and hearty field mice come in during the early cold days from time to time and she has shown interest, true but no moxie whatsoever in doing her catly duty. *I* am the one who has to chase it down and shoo it out of the house.
Meanwhile she collects her weekly pay of food, toys, MY bed, water, a sip of skim milk a day, treats and brushing as well as lots of petting. Who is the abused one here? Me. I don't get full work measure. I have to go sit somewhere else when she is occupying my chair. I can't read the paper because she is reading the paper. The list goes on as to who is the boss of this house. However, as she keeps me warm at night lying attractivly across my throat, I suppose I get something in return after all. And she greets me when I come home. She comes when I call her, and she has gotten me up when the coffee pot came on ( auto timer) and there was no water in it as I was so dead tired when I got home I forgot to pour it. She's gotten me up a few times when the clock was set wrong and didn't go off. Believe it or not, she really does know my schedule, even though I am on a rotating 12 hr. shift. She has demonstrated quite a few times she knows when I am due to be up. Day or afternoon which ever shift I am on. And, I have to say that generally she leaves me politely alone while I sleep during the day no matter all the dust motes she may have counted in the slanting sun beams or how many suitors may have come calling for her, gazing soulfully at her beauty through the wide glass windows. She saves all those tales of import until I am up. Generally. Some have been so eventful she has come into my pitch black bedroom at 1300 hrs to tell me about them, not being able to wait. I understand... much later... as I too have been excited about suitors occasionally. GRIN. However I don't wake her to tell her.
Maybe next time, I will use MY thumb " claw" and hook her leg when she is asleep or otherwise occupied. That'll show 'er!
See ya dudes

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