Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What a great evening 11/05

What a great evening. I went to that Welcome Back and AA shift reunion for K.T. back from Iraq. I thanked him from the heart for his service to us as a Country. It was great! I got to see all the guys and a few of the gals that were on my AA shift back a few years ago when I was on it. Super great night. Many older retirees there as well. Simply wonderful to see them.
We were so loud it was a wonder anyone could hear at all. There must have been a hundred of us. I met and greeted many, and was the happy recipient of many hugs as well. Wonderful.
I ate till I am still fuller'n a tick. Man. How can a chicken breast and a baker 'tater turn into a 7 course meal seemingly? Guess my tummy doesn't hold as much as I thought it would. I was overly hungry and ate too quickly. But what else is new really. We shift workers have to eat on the job..shove food to the side of our mouth to talk on the radio, and answer the phones and keep on eating till we are finished that 'meal' of sorts. I have a habit now as do many of us who are forced to eat on the job, of eating in a lightening quick fashion. When in polite company ( and these weren't GRIN...they are all shift workers too, so they understand) I have to make a conscious effort to eat more " normally."
The rain is about done..predicting show showers as a possibility. Maybe for tonight and tomorrow. Should be sunny for OUR family's Thanksgiving which will have to be on Wednesday instead of Thursday as I go in on midnights Thursday.
Just wanted to say it was a super day. Lunch with V. that lasted a couple hours and was a laugh a minute from start to finish and then this evening. Life is good.
Later dudes.

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