Thursday, June 24, 2010

What is it? I ask you

For any men reading this, give up. You'll not like it. It's about...shhh..cats.
I was wondering what is is about a perfectly nice cat..well mannered, well groomed, dressed to the nines in a lovely soft garment; sweet of face and delicate of nature and mien that becomes a virago..a dervish..a "thing" that, excuse the expression, catapults herself out of your arms and becomes the best magician you have ever witnessed in a disappearing act? What is that, do you think?
I have a lovely Southern Belle of a feminine cat of middle age ( rather like me in that regard) who will come when called, knows several words and responds to them..keeps me warm at night and attends to all my wishes for a lap warmer. BUT...BUT...bring out the pet carrier and it's ( as they say around here in these parts) "Katy, bar the door!". A manicure ( nail clip) and an ear cleaning. That's IT! The only reason we would even GO to the Vet. But you would think that there is a torture rack in the unenviable end in sight..just around the next corner, when I bring out the carrier.
I approach, she cringes ( she has seen the hated carrier) and I may or may not capture the little virago as she tries to squirt through my hands. Should I actually grasp her and start ferrying her to the carrier...she shouts with all her vigor and volume! She developes 8 to 10 legs..all splayed out in differing directions. Her talons are fully extended to hook into thin air. Impossible say you? No. Anything to keep from being lowered into that carrier.
We got there several months ago and I haven't the stomach to do it again.
Thoughts? ( nothing untoward, pease.)
Later, tater

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