Monday, June 28, 2010

Whatta Bummer

I made an entry about 4 this afternoon after I had cleaned the house, all that stuff and voila! It was empty except the title. Now maybe that was a good thing! However, since there was nothing there I deleted it of course. All that fer nothin'.
Finished the 3 days/3 midnight shifts and thank heaven I am home till I start days on Monday. (I say that for the family who reads...I know no one else is interested).
Got a sort-of compliment kinda sorta the other day before I started work. I was in the music store trying to find some good loud headbanging music as per usual. A young guy was also looking and when I picked up several things he asked were they for my kids. I said no, they were for me. A little discussion ensued regarding music choices. I said that I also loved Classical.
In any case, he said " Man, I wish my mom was like you." I asked why, and he said what was funny enough to make make laugh helplessly for a minute or so. He said " Mom's are so old!" I said I had son's his age and likely they would be pleased to hear him as I never did think my boys want me to be "old" in the way he meant it. I feel he was referring to certain personality styles, and an open mind perhaps. That is not to say that being my age means it's curtains for being spontaneous and fun loving. In HIS eyes it did and to him, I seemed an anomoly. That's why it was funny.
I have a family statement. It's "I'll never assume the uniform!". One could argue with me if I wrote what I mean by that, and it is not my intention to offend anyone. My sons have heard it for years from me.
Oh, I won't be an old lady one day wearing teenager clothing..not that (and I wrote a blog on that issue last month or so.) but I won't ever stop being who I am. A young woman in a middle age woman's facade. GRIN. As Pop Eye would have said and often did, " I yam what I yam" and that's not what one might expect.
Gee, if I keep this up, I'll tell all!!! Better quit. For now.


  1. Just wanted to take a minute and stop by and say left me such a nice comment and it's kind of fun and mysterious when you learn someone has been thinking of Brighton every day and purring for him to get better. Truly, it means a lot to me and I'm happy to meet you :-)

  2. old... is a sate of agelessness
    to be is to enjoy life
    i can never be a bebopper again but then i still enjoy the memory
    so the younger ones have their moments
    let them have their generation as i had mine

    yep ya be a cool mom

  3. That's one thing good about using Live Writer is that it saves a copy of all your posts. You can always republish it. Microsoft made a great blog publishing tool, you'd think they'd want to make a great blog service for it to work with.

  4. I know how important it is to be there for family and not be so darn cold and/or old. Like you said it's not about wearing clothes that are foe people thirty years younger or something but not being out of touch and using age as an excuse. I never regret one thing about being in touch with my family that way...not being "cool dad" but being dad and being approachable.

  5. Any age is a good age if you are content with who you are.

  6. Boy Carole I am falling behind I didn't know you had a job. Are you going to tell us what you are doing? I am also curious as to what kind of music you purchased. I'm so sorry I haven't been here before. It's a bit time consuming to keep up with two blogs