Monday, June 28, 2010

When you're 16

I was emailing my youngest a little while ago. I mentioned I had not read anything new in his Space for a couple of days. ( Something or Other) He said he hadn't anything on his mind to write just now and I encouraged him to write about family or himself. I love those entries, few of that type as there are. He apparently doesn't get into the nostalgia mode as I do.
However, unfortunately for him I am waxing nostalgic and wouldn't you's about him. Poor guy.
He had one probably somewhere in September or so about when he was 16. It was New Year's Eve back then, the time he was writing about and for once I was home on a holiday, such as it was. Those who read me know I am a shift worker.
In any case, he and I were up and around about midnight and he began thinking about his future. I won't attempt to re-write his blog but it was his usual maturity shining through that evening.
He was reflective and started the conversation which I just listened to mostly as it was fascinating, with how he would soon graduate high school and then go to the University. (all of my son's knew they were going on after high school..that was the plan since infancy with each).
He reflected that within a decade of that very night we stood there, he would be graduated from high school, college, maybe graduate school, have a job that interested him and who knew? Maybe he'd be married!
That's just an over view really but it made me intensely proud. And intensely conscious that my son wasn't a baby any more. To borrow a phrase I could well see time was moving and at warp speed.
Every Mother knows what it's like to see their children grow up and move on toward their own lives. It is a wonderful thing and a thing of some special sadness.
Just standing and listening was a privelege. You don't always get to see them dream.

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