Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Yippee! The 6 day thing is over. The three day shifts, 24 hr. turnaround and then the 3 midnights! FREEDOM till Tuesday when I start day shifts. All 12 hr. of course. I took Monday off. Ahhh.
Got to blow leaves though. My poor little pansy bed is covered. I live in a virtual forest.
These were three great midnight shifts in that the thing I complained so much about in my entry entitled " A man and his dog on into a bar..." disappeared for the first time in 4 years! Go figure! I even asked my boss if he'd said something to them; he said no. Have to wonder though. He is involved only in that I will confide in him as to how I am feeling about the tenure of the workplace.
Anyhoo, I am about to go to bed. Have to get up in 4 hrs. and stumble around for awhile...put on some horribly loud rock music and clean the house.
It rained a quarter inch last night. First rain since the beginning of September. The temps are more seasonable today and thru the week coming. It hit 81 yesterday. Give me a break!

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