Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yippee wheee and Hooray! 11/05

Those who know me know what that title means! It means I am off work for the long break. Those who don't know me should know that I am a rotating shiftworker, 12 hrs. per shift...and I worked hard and long to get this long break. I love it.
Besides which, I was telling the family in a family email that that set of day shifts went spectacularly well considering all. And after all that carping I did and always do! Go figure!
So I have had my hot shower which considering how cold it is outside and not too warm INside, felt marvelous. I am out of the shower and fragranced now and in a warm outfit. ( natural gas prices are so high I am keeping it cooler in here than I would really like to do. It's the " you can't win" department.")
Ah. It's 2040 hours. If I were working day shifts tomorrow I would be in bed now with the light off. Been doing that all my working life. Either 2040 hrs or 0840 hrs. That is bedtime when I work. tomorrow...tomorrow I can sleep till I wake up or till the cat says it's time to get up. Whichever comes first. Those of you with cats already know the answer.
Oh. Today ( and there's no accounting for personal tastes) I asked for some veggies from the Cafeteria. One of my co-workers made a cafeteria run. I just wanted the...get ready... Brussels sprouts and the baby carrots. Oh man. That was THE fullest carry away box you have ever seen. There had to have been every bit a pint of Brussels sprouts in that carry away box.
Those things were like nectar and ambrosia to me. OH wow they were well cooked and totally delicious! Then I started in on the carrots. Good, I reckon! I like to have foundered on the combination and was miserably full all the rest of the shift. Worth it, I say!
So, I am up and it is now 2049 and trying to stay awake. Been up since 0330 so it isn't easy. Even the cat is in bed waiting for me. She'll remember by tomorrow that I am not on that schedule. ( I am serious here). My goal is to be a big girl and stay up till at least 2200 before I dissolve into a sleep puddle.
Later dudes

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