Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Adds Up 06

Who would have thought that a small cereal bowl could hold $84.00 worth of change? 
I have a habit of dumping all my change into that bowl on my dresser soon as I return from work or the store, with the exception of pennies which go into an extra large drink cup.  That holds about $35.00 worth of pennies and it's about 2/3's full.  I'll wait awhile to roll those.
The cereal bowl was overflowing literally.  I tried to put a few more quarters in it and they slithered off.  So, I dug out the coin wrappers and just dealt with it.  Not my favorite thing to do.  I will take them to the bank for paper money and put that paper money into a large jar (yes, it's a Mason jar) in the closet.  I use  the accumulation of monies to fund the yard work (no, I never do the yard myself.  Who has time, plus my yard is like a mountain range what with all the little hills and valleys) and to tip the paper carrier or get a few dollars to take to work occasionally.  It's my emergency fund.  It's probably got about $250.00 in it now.
I am all showered up and in my jammies.  I think I'll go read for awhile and after an hour or so, I should be able to go to sleep.
I have the oldest here tomorrow and I bought some chicken to fry.  I'll make gravy too.  He'll love it.
Be safe tomorrow and have a good night tonight.

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