Saturday, July 10, 2010

All Good Things 5/06

All good things come to an end and this break has ended.  Tomorrow I get back on the Merry Go Round and at the end of the set of midnight shifts, I get the gold ring.
I cannot say that this long break (7 days) hasn't been eventful.  What with the trip to Charlotte, the Dead Sea scrolls, the helicopter ride, family visiting, and general errand running I have been busy.  But I like it that way.
You know, I was thinking of that old Erma Bombeck book entitled " Jelly Side Down" and how true it is..all that title implies.  You drop the bread and jelly and of course it will land jelly side down.  If there is any decision to make about where to position yourself in traffic, naturally that is the lane that crawls to a halt.  Choose a line to get into at the grocery store?  Hey..let's face it..someone will need a price check, fumble with their wallet, count out every penny in change or have several grocery carts full and THEN all the things I just mentioned.
Ever have a day (or like me, several days) where you can't seem to keep hold of anything?  A vitamin?  Dropped.  A fork?  Down it goes.  A it bounce.  A coin?  Just try to pick that sucker up on one try. 
I have had the dropsies for two days now.  I'm not sick; don't have any nerve problems, I simply have times when nothing will stay in my hand the first time. Man, that's annoying.  It ends just as it begins, without warning.  Till the next time.  May be a year, may be months..may be several years but get in a hurry...trim those long fingernails you have been unconsciously using as tools and whoopsey daisy.  Down it goes, what ever object you had you hand on.  Finally get the cat's toes positioned just right to sneak up and do some claw snipping?  You'll drop the danged nippers.  Grrr.  And get a warning teeth-clamp on the back of your hand for having dared try!!!
And for pity sake..don't try to navigate through a darkened area as for instance turning out the living room lamps and heading down the hall toward bed.  The coffee table will move..all stealthily, and stick its leg out for you to stump your toe on.  WHAM!
Oh, before I end this, let's not forget the embarrassment of raising your can of diet whatever to your lips and miss 'em. All this in several days.  I think I am at the end of this little crisis though.  I managed to get thru the past several hours without any mishaps. 
Have the best of evenings or mornings if you are reading this tomorrow. 
All my best always

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