Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another Day Another Dollar 8-06

'm just counting down the time till I go back to bed at noon.  Been around to see all but two and I'll do that after I get back up.
Remember when I had that rant about B*ll So*th and their incessant calling?  Like spam on your phone?  Simply because I quit their long distance service?
Well, they have kept on calling, several times a day.  My phone bill came and I called their customer service number.  I checked my tone of voice, made sure I kept it nice and dialed.  I asked to speak with a supervisor as I did not think the person who answered would have the authority to help.  I wound up talking to that person anyway after she asked the nature of the call. 
I assured her that 1.  I was an excellent customer.  Never ever been late for one second with their money..been with them a long time, blah blah blah.  and 2.  Calling me constantly will NOT change my mind about my decision.  On the contrary, it makes me sure I will NEVER change my mind.
I also said I personally found it insulting when the persons in their out-sourcing group have not been taught how to pronounce American names and that mine has been slaughtered over and over again in ways I didn't think were possible.  No comment from the listener as I could tell that she too was foreign.  However she DID have a far better accent when she spoke than any of the others who have been spamming me. By the way, I do believe I made the latest spammer from B*ll So*th mad yesterday (this was before I called B*ll So*th) as he mutilated my name THE most horribly of all of them, asking to speak to me..I said " I can't understand a word you are saying!!" He said in a huff " well, I'll get someone to call you that you can understand."  I said " don't bother".
Anyway, this customer representative said the calls would stop.  We will see about that.
Meanwhile I tried to leave a comment for Cheryl on her photography.  I hope it 'took'.  I'm afraid it didn't.  As I try to go from one thing to another on any given site, some sites anyway, the computer just stalls and grinds away till I have to give up and close the program.  I have a newish laptop, same kind as Cheryl's. So, who knows.
Guess I had better brush the cat and let her "fish" for awhile.  Maybe I can wear her out before I go back to bed.
You all take good care.


  1. Well, Carole, since all these posts have been archived posts, I guess you'll never see that I'd been to all of them, lol. But here's a little tidbit of info you can use that I read in our newspaper not long ago. Everyone was/is having the same prob with the cust serv ppl that can't speak english worth a lick, so all you have to say is, "Please put me on the line with an American", and they HAVE TO do it. Isn't that something? They'll trf you from India or whereever right on back to the good old USA.

  2. Hi Carole,It is sad to say but more and more companies are setting up call help centers in other Countries to save money. It can be down right frustrating when you get someone who speaks very little english.
    Hope you and Miss Cat are having a nice weekend.
    Sorry I haven't been around much still busy working and such, plus trying to figure things out here.
    Well take care.
    Hugs and Smiles
    Dianne :)

  3. Reading this post from 2006 just reminded me again that spaces has constantly been changing things for the last 5 years and yet they never do it right. I hate being outsourced to India and I tell anyone who listens that. LOL

  4. Thanks for your advice... Still don't know how to contact others that "follow" on my site!

    I tried clicking on them, but it goes to a spot that asks me to "join my own site as a follower"!

    GRRRRRRRR !!!!!!