Saturday, July 24, 2010

Answers to 2 of your questions 8-06

took today off and made my long break that much longer!  YES! However, I woke at 0300 anyway!  Tried to go back to sleep and could not.  I was hungry for one thing.  I may as well have gone on in to work.  I will likely have a nap mid afternoon as I don't think I will stay up past  1900 tonight if I don't.
Several have asked me what MSN did to solve my problem.  Luckily it turns out that not much had to be done.  I have to give full credit to the technical help group.  They answered all my inquiries and answered within 24 hours.  The answers were succint, to the point and helpful not to mention polite.  Can't beat that with a stick.  You may recall my worst and most persistant whining to you all was about the friends module.  It would not load nor would my pictures.  Now, they may have  loaded for you all out there when you clicked on my link but they would not for me.  Not at all. 
Now that I have the friends module, I use it for navigating between blogs.  It makes it so much faster and easier on me and my Vaio.  So I wound up missing it when it would not load.Though I had threatened to delete it, I held back because when it was working, it was a tool for me.  I haven't added any more  friends you will notice as I have dial-up and the ones I already have are about all I can stand sitting here waiting to load.
Back to the point however (I'm from the South..we beat around the'll have to overlook me) about what MSN's problem solving did.  I mentioned it in a comment to several so they will recognize this.  I had two pages of possibilities from my helper.  After considering what I had written to tech help...the sort of problem I was having, they hit it right on the nail head.  It was as simple as their first suggestion.  Clear the browser's cache!  And, not taking any chances with the customer, they even provided step by step instructions as to how to do that.  That works for me..I am in no way insulted.  Especially since I didn't know how to do it! As that was the first thing suggested, I did that first and that entirely cured the problem.  I did one of those "WHO KNEW??" things and happily went on about my business.  The other two suggestions weren't needed but I printed out the whole thing and saved it in the drawer here as you never know when something will happen that might require them as well.
I have never pretended to know what I am doing with this computer.  Some of you ladies are awesome.  I read what you do and see what you've done and give you full marks.  I can't and don't have the will to learn about it I suspect.  I admire others' acumen.
Be warned...this next is about me.  Beth asked me about English.  I admit it was my most favorite subject all the way through school from beginning to end.  And though I have not revealed this about myself as there was no avenue in which to do so, I love to write.  I have a beginning of a story written and it has been waiting on me to continue when my eyes aren't burning for lack of sleep or I'm not running thither and yon on my off days.  Translates to: The end of this coming September.  I have  several small works in the drawer and on the computer.  Some have enjoyed my writing when I was in a writing group playing a role.  I seem to excel in romance style writing as that is where I have  gotten most of my compliments.  Steamy R Us.
I love to read of course and do vast amounts of that.  Non fiction and some fiction. 
So, that's a little about me..if you will roll up your sleeves and help with the house cleaning..I'll even let you read some of it.  Meet me in the kitchen..we start there, and I will do the sweeping  and you get the counters with the Counter Magic. 
Hurry up.

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  1. You are a wonder of wonders. I knew it all along. You can't hide a writer under a bushel now, can you, lol. Gosh, a song (with apologies to the original words): "Hide me under a bushel, NO! I'm gonna let me shine!" Take it away, Carole, the song is all yours, lol. I love the way you write and I'm coming over even if I have to clean those counters :D