Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back in Time 06

I noticed one of the blogs I have as links on my site went to my August (last year) archives.  So I thought to go there too and see what I said so long ago.
I had some laughs.  There was my mash note to my sons, the cat party where she invited neighborhood cat thugs in to entertain and... the Day of the Skunk...the resultant chaos of that and other things including the rise in gas prices right after Katrina and a trip to the Vet that was memorable.
Heck, I may as well go look at September!  Who knows what I may have said!!
It has been a decent day.  At least it isn't raining and I am not at work.  But it is cloudy and I was hoping for the sun.  Been out to get food and have cleaned the house and I am ready for my son and grandson to come for a visit this weekend.
Cheryl said she needed a good meatloaf recipe but the thing about meatloaf is...it is as individual as the person making it.  I like mine "tomatoey" whereas others like that crackercrumb or oatmeal thing going on.  Mine is relatively plain where some folks put in the proverbial kitchen sink.  I use a lower fat burger (ground sirloin), chopped onion, a decent handful of unseasoned breadcrumbs, a can of tomato sauce (not paste), a sprinkle of garlic powder, basil, oregano, celery leaves, black pepper, a little chopped green pepper, an egg and mix it up thoroughly.  I top the thing with ketchup.  Easier than making the tomato sauce as I used to long ago.
Mashed potatoes and green beans are usually what happens with that or corn.
My next door neighbor does her meatloaf with oatmeal.  The same recipe that was on Quaker Oats oatmeal boxes for generations.  It's a brown and rather dry meatloaf but tasty.  Different.
Bottom line is, if it's meatloaf I will try it.  Chances are I'll like it too.  But I will make mine my way. 
Hungrily yours,


  1. great sandwich stuff after a couple of days.... the ole loafing meat is easily consumed

    blogs make good memory reminders... most of mine are in word files

  2. Are you working now?

    btw,I use oatmeal for meat loaf, it's not dry.

    No way would I want to read stuff I wrote a couple of years back. My life was boring then, still is.

  3. I am not a big fan of meat loaf although Jim loved it. I would make it for him and he would eat the remainder in sandwiches for a couple of days. I used soft bread torn into bits, a recipe from my Betty Crocker cookbook. When I make meatballs I use oatmeal as it holds together better.
    I have re-read most of your earlier posts and I thoroughly enjoyed them TWIN.