Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Billy Goat Gruff 4/06

I have done two blogs on workplace trolls.  Hm.  Do you get the idea that perhaps there is a Billy Goat Gruff under MY bridge perhaps?
My afterthought was..some have it worse than others.  A dear friend of mine quit her second job working as a clerk in a convenience store because when the slushy machine died..she had no idea how to fix it.  The owner came in, another woman I might add, and challanged her about the broken fixture.  My friend explained no one had told her what procedure to follow if the thing broke down.  The owner THREW something at my friend while swearing at her and expounding about the monies lost because the slushy machine was down and my friend hadn't fixed it.
THREW something at her!  Cursed at her!!  In the store!!  (not that that would have been acceptable anywhere). Now I have not had to deal with something like that.  There is someone else worse off than you, you often find, in the "Troll" game.
And too, to be fair, sometimes you yourself are someone else's troll though you don't know it.  Perhaps you are moody.  Maybe you are stand offish and a party pooper in the office culture.  You may not be cursing or throwing things or deliberately making someone miserable may seem to be a bad fit.  There are two sides to most coins. 
There are others I know who are sandwiched with a disagreeable every day person.  Just the two of them.  Misery, it has to be.
However, one has to work and there is the option of looking elsewhere I suppose. 
I start the dreaded 6 day thing.  The three day shifts, 24 hrs. off and the 3 midnights; starting tomorrow.  Siiiigh!  Oh well, someone has to do it.  I'm sure not the only one who works there.  The rest of my shift is in the same boat.  We just get through it. 

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