Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blumillion Skeeters 06

his has been a magnificent, peerlessly beautiful, clear, low humidity and totally sunny day.  Cool..no more than the 70's.  None of the 90's we got for a week or so.
Peerless.  What a day.  And made even more enjoyable by the fact that all three sons plus the grandson were here today.  Two won't leave till tomorrow sometime.  But today and last night were wonderful. 
We had lunch out today at a popular pasta place..and then split off as the visiting son and his son went to meet with an old friend and her baby after all of us had lunch.  We, the other two boys and myself went to the Marina and the youngest son took a lot of pictures of Canada geese, ducks, goslings, tiny ducklings  with his Nikon digital whoopty-doo SLR and the special macro lenses. Hummingbirds and goldfinches after we got home again.  We thoroughly enjoyed the  Marina.  What a perfect day as I was at pains to say in the beginning.  I have sunburn, so do they and it was worth it.
I grilled out tonight.  We had hamburgers and fries with all the trimmings for supper. Then playing in the front yard with a blumillion mosquitoes feasting on tender grandson flesh. Two sons stayed for awhile after dinner and then left leaving me with the middle boy and my grandson.  Winding down is beginning for bedtime for the little one but from the laughter and giggling coming out of his room..I'd say there is a long way to go.
Oh man..I just can't say enough how totally great this day was weather-wise never mind the fact that they were all here.
The one son that does blog on MSN, "Something or Other" says he is about to take down his blog.  He just doesn't have as much time for it as he used to as his responsibilities at work have accelerated.  I have considered quitting as well over the past several months.  I don't think I am quite as ready as he is, but it is high up in the thought processes.  Right now time is a huge factor for me as well.  But after September it will no longer be a major factor as it is now.  Why I am sort of waiting it out. 
I guess.
Here is something to play with.

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