Monday, July 19, 2010

Coming in for a Landing '06

A landing straight onto the bed when I get home in the morning that is.  This, tonight, is the last of 4 midnights.  I get to sleep a few hours in the morning, a nap really and get up to clean house and all that tomorrow.  There is nothing more rewarding insofar as the house is concerned than to sit at the end of the day with my weeks  worth of newspapers in my lap, my eyelids trying to close from a lack of sleep BUT being able to look around and see the vacuum cleaner paths thru the carpet; the gleaming floors and countertops, and just in general the cleanliness I made through the afternoon.  It's my welcome home from the work week present to myself. If I get it all done the afternoon I get up, then I have the other 3 days off without household obligations.  Well, like anyone cares.  I just had to say it. 
I have my face washed, dressed and all I have to do is makeup.  So just wanted to say hello and tell you I have been around to see all of you. Looks like you all are doing well.  That matters to me and I am doing well too.  Just gaining weight from not smoking.  THAT is an awful discouragement!  Seeing the Dr. this week on Wednesaday to ask for some help.  I know..there won't be any.  With my schedule there ain't no time for steady exercise.  My heart rate was, as a smoker, like 78-80 bpm.  NOW it's 52!  That's great for my heart..less work but my metabolism dropped so much every bite I eat is fat to me.  Sigh. 
Sorry.  I'll quit.

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