Saturday, July 24, 2010

Coming Right Up 8-06

Starting the 72 hrs. week tomorrow.  I won't be saying a lot till it's over next week on Thursday morning.  No cheering now..might hurt my feelings.  Unless something happens that I would like to share that is.  Then it will be in the small hours of the mornings.
Today is largely gearing down from the break and getting ready for the work week.  All I need is pre-prepared by and large; all I need do is add a frozen entree. 
Went to the doctor this morning 4 weeks after last time, and I have lost the weight I gained when I first stopped smoking.  All 7 pounds.  I told him I get about as much activity as mold growing on a wall so really, that was a respectable loss for me. I am doing the WW thing. Just wish I could go to the meetings but I am only free one day a monthy when they meet.  Rest of the time I am either working or sleeping.
My son is shutting down his blog in less than a week.  I was sorry about that.  I will miss his inspirational writings and his pictures that he has posted.  Of course, I can go see him and get the benefit of both but still....
I decided to try what someone in another blog said and not be too hasty about  deleting 'friends'.  They said if you go from blog to blog through "friends," you don't have to keep getting shut out of your own blog each time.  I found that is right and I appreciate the tip.
I hope everyone stays well and has a good weekend.  I will be around to see all of you likely each day. I just may not say anything except every other day or so due to the time element.

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  1. Ok, I read this one, too. But I didn't know it was only 7 lbs that you were trying to drop. I hate you ;) Just kidding :D