Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cyber Thieves

got the official word yesterday when I returned to work that I am a victim of identity theft.
The Government organization for whom I work had data hacked waaaaaay back 6 months ago.  NOW they are getting around to telling us about it.  I read about it and saw it on the news and just knew somehow I was one of the victims.  Did they call me at home (after the fact and the news was out?) why no.  They called at work.  I was on a 4 nday break and they were told that, but did they call me at home?  No.  And then she whined that they had a hard time catching up with me.  I said " Did you try the house?" knowing full well they didn't.  That query was ignored. I asked what they were doing now the horse escaped...and how were they going to ensure the bard door as it were would remain closed?  There was a  reply that they used the utmost in cyber technology etc etc.  I can tell!!!
I said "What do I do about this, not that it isn't too late after all this time?"  More slight sharpness on the other end.
It isn't the old credit card thing that bothers me in this as much as it is with mine (and others info out there..new accounts can be created..loans taken out and so on and so on in my name.  Not a warm and fuzzy.
Anyway, it's 0500...time to do my face, git on my horse and ride outta here.
Have a great weekend.

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