Monday, July 19, 2010

Dang '06

Dang!  I went to work last night and again, the hummingbirds had about 2 inches nectar visible to the eye.  I got up from my short nap at noon today, and voila!  they had drained the feeder dry again. So, I cleaned the feeder and fixed them up again.  I will have to cook some more for them for next time.
They are fighting a lot as usual to keep one another away and I believe the fattening up process has begun.  Next month it will be in ernest as they will make their way over land and then the Gulf of Mexico to their Winter homes.
They normally weigh no more than a postage stamp.  When they fatten up as it were, they weigh as much as 2 postage stamps!!!  They need all fat they can put on so as to make their non-stop flight ( yes, non-stop!) to Mexico.
I had my last midnight for this set of shifts when I got home this morning at 0715.  I am off till Monday when I start day shifts.  I slept till noon  today and got up to clean up the house..take a shower, do my hair and then relax.  Been on the phone though.
By the way, it is a heckuva lot easier to be on a diet while working.  Being still and non productive makes one think of Twinkies and stuff.
I found out that I will be put on 8 hr. day shifts starting 9/18.  That is a prelude to my leaving  where I work  forever on 9/30.  I hate being put on day shifts for 2 work weeks.  And it will be so strange to work 8 hrs. instead of 12.  Unless I am overtimed to death during that time.  We'll see.
So far, not a lot in plans for this short weekend break.  Just stuff for tomorrow.  But that will change.  :)
All of you have a great evening. 

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