Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day...or rather Night Two 9/06

I should not be attempting to type as I got up not 25 minutes ago.  But during that time I have been up, I cooked my eggs and toast and coffee and have already tossed down my breakfast.
It is past description beautiful out there.  I am so sorry to have had to miss the day so far.  OH! it is beautiful.  It would  seem not to be humid..the sun is like the proverbial diamonds scattering on the earth...everything is still, quiet and heartbreakingly lovely. 
I had the first of three midnight shifts and I am going in on the second after a few more hours.  I do believe that DD shift is giving me a little  going away party.  Now that was a surprise for sure as it isn't my shift... but I am honored.  I think they felt they had to hint to me to make sure I was there and so on after bringing in all that stuff. I had chosen DD shift to be on these last 3 mids ever that I would work (really, I am a "guest" and not doing work per se) because I am very fond of my counterpart on that shift and the supervisor. 
I am still trying to find out about Wm Rogers & Son AA Patent pending April 14, 1925.  I saw in a very brief search this morning (not kidding about breif, I needed to get to bed) that there are a few things but I couldn't persue more than one and of course, that was the wrong one.  I will persevere later.
Just checking in..I have only been to two blogs so far and that was way early this morning.
As Spock would say...Peace.  And long life.  Live long and prosper.

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