Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Everyone's Searching for the Weekend...

I got off my midnight shifts this morning. Slept till 1230.  I have cleaned the house groaning and complaining all the way.  Nah, not really.  I had some good loud rock playing.  That always puts some more zap into my moves getting thru the house doing the cleaning.  I have a wooden floor in the kitchen and I like to keep it gleaming.  That entails skating around on it with big men's T shirts, one each, under my feet.  Good way to buff them and I get to dance to the music blaring in the living room.  What's not to like?
I've had my dinner, with dessert (grapes) first and about to take a shower and head outside before the news.  It's hotter than a Saturday night special out there (97) but it is purty!!!
I mentioned QVC the other day and how I got to talk to a show host.  Several people commented on that.  I am not being paid by them,  but I have to say I have only returned one thing in 18 years and they were excellent about it.  I know Beth mentioned liking the electronic shows..for myself, it's jewelry in all its forms.  I have a decent amount from them and the quality is excellent. If I'd had my druthers though, I'd druther have talked to Mary Beth.  But Rick was nice.
I have tomorrow, and the weekend off and start day shifts Monday.  That was for the benefit of friends and family.
Tomorrow I will start calling all the credit bureaus like Trans-Union, etc and get a fraud alert on my cards.  I may do a freeze on them instead and I have been advised to report this to the police though it was the Government who let mine and a thousand others, data be hacked.  A police report lends credence to your fraud alert.
Have to make a list for tomorrow's errands and doings including lunch out.  I'll do that out on the deck where it is totally georgous out.
See you later..the sun is calling me.

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