Monday, July 19, 2010

Fast Forward and reRun '06

is one of those rare times when it is Monday for ME tomorrow as well.  I start day shifts tomorrow which is, coincidentally, Monday.  So, the day has been on fast forward for me..and.. it is a rerun of another set of shifts where I work.
I have everything about ready.  All I need is to get up, get ready and go to work in the morning.  I like to get all the foods and etc. ready and portioned out so all I have to do is reach for whatever it is each morning, throw it in the work bag and head on out.  No preparations involved as I did it all today.
I have enjoyed the three days off.  Seems they end too soon, not that I got anything constructive done outside of the usual house cleaning frenzy the day I get off.  I've just been visiting, being visited and going a few places and eating out once.  Thursday of this week coming is my long break!  Yes!  7 days off in a row.  Believe me, we earn it. Last week's 72 hr. work week is an example of how.  :)
I have tried to get around and visit all of the blogs as when I start tomorrow..I do half  of them at 0345 and the other half  are read at 1930. 
A dear friend knows I am a "Fraiser" fan ( the TV series/comedy) and today, she came over and gave me a Christmas card  that Kelsey Grammer who plays "Fraiser", had sent to someone( a friend of MY friend) who helped him (Grammer) with something at his home.  At any rate, that friend sent it to MY friend as she knew that my friend is as avid a fan of Kelsey Grammer as we are here at my house.  So, she generously (my friend) gave it to me today.  I have it put away somewhere special where I can see it.  That was a lot of he's, she's, my friend/her friend's.  Hope it is understandable.  AND I have very likely spelled Fraiser wrong.  But Oh Well.
Vivian, I have no cobwebs at this time.  And tell me what's a Webster.  I may need that sucker.
I ate too many Bing cherries again.  I will do that every time.  I know darn well I will blow up like a balloon but I still do it.  Oh they were so good.  Ate about a pound at one sitting.
Those of you who go to work tomorrow, have a good week at work.  Those who are retired..have a great day doing something enjoyable is what I hope for you all. And I will see you tomorrow if the good Lord's willin' and the creek don't rise.

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