Friday, July 2, 2010

Female 3/06

I can't help it. I have to say some more about that trip. (your faults, Patty and unknowingly encouraged me).
I have to say, I really have turned into a small town person in that I was taken aback by the persons in each of the stores we went into there at that upscale Mall I spoke of in the last entry. They are EVERYWHERE. You go into an average store in Everydayville and you are sometimes lucky to find any person to assist you in finding something and in my experience it's hard to find someone to take my money. They just don't the registers fully. But in South Park, they are EVERYWHERE!!! It's almost un-nerving. I know..there are sales associates reading this perhaps saying "Gosh, what do you want??? People complain about NO GIVE them service and they complain about that too!" And they would be right.
Just take me, a small town woman and here are these 'personages' standing at every counter..dressed to the 9's ( and no, nothing wrong with that. I was in jeans and a T shirt..felt almost self conscious). They looked good enough to be going to an evening at the Opera. I looked ready to go to a hoe down! You should have seen the fella in Tiffany's. He looked like a butler. That's a good thing.
They greeted us at the entrance of each store with a "welcome to______".
They asked to help us at every counter. There were 4, 5 persons per counter. I was just flumbuzzled. I'd never make it in the big city, would I??
I live in TN. Not in a particularly small place at all, but not up-scale either.
(I think I hear the music from Green Acres, only I am them in reverse!!)
I bought some fake dogwood blossoms, white and the pink. I have a copper vase, tall, to put them in and I am telling you..what a statement. They were expensive and they look almost as real as the actual dogwood.
I did have a great time and come on Patty, we'll buy them out! I usually do Sams and Wally World too.

Next time, I'll Just throw 'em my wallet!

I just came back from Charlotte. Well, a couple hours ago. It took me 45 minutes to put away what I bought while there! I'm telling you, I need to stay away from Garden Ridge there in Charlotte. They have the most realistic flowers that are in fact artificial I have ever seen. I can't stop myself. I have so many it's beginning to look a little funereal in here. I told my son (whom I was visiting) to keep me away from that place the next several times I go to see him.
Then we went to South Park Mall in Charlotte. Let me tell THAT is a Mall. Of course other very major cities have similar high end Malls but this is the first time I have been in one of that caliber. Oh, I've been in several other Malls with stores you can't find around here. But South Park Mall has THE stores in a number I have yet, till yesterday, ever seen.
Belk is there but this particular Belk is Belk's "flagship" so to speak and has anything you could ever wish to purchase within. I saw brands that took my breath away, backwood's woman that I am. I only bought a cosmetic there.
I only looked over roughly a third of the Mall and stopped by Tiffany's to drool, Sephora (I only get to see them on-line) David Yerman's, Nordstroms, the usual, Gap, Banana Republic, but I got to see Bebe for once instead of just in my women's mags. Many many more.
I was in make-up nirvana there for awhile as the places I have never seen except in the pages of my magazines as in Vogue, etc. were right there. I stopped in Sephora's store and was just overwhelmed with all the products I have heard of but never seen.
Enough swooning over female stuff. Had a great great time with the family and doing the shopping bit. I did come home with some wreaths for the front door and some realistic lettuce and herb pot artificial plants. That place isn't inexpensive hence my reference in the title that I may as well walk in, throw them my wallet and have at it. (I do anyway!!) The thing is, I barely have room to put it all.
The weather was perfection all the way there and all the way back. 5 hrs. each way; right on time.
My little cat was very glad to see me though I sprung for a pet sitter as always.

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