Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fleabag Motel 4/06

I was worried about the tornadoes in this area while gone to the funeral up North, but we had rain and cold plus wind every day and night while there in Philadelphia, N.J., and all the way there and all the way back, both driving and flying.
We had to wait 6 hrs. in the airport in Philadelphia as there was a problem with an aircraft that had tuckered out on the runway, and South West apparently has access to just 2 runways in Philadelphia, hence, we had to wait till it was our aircraft's turn on the remaining 1 runway.  Plus there were delays in incoming flights due to the horrendous weather almost everywhere in the midwest and my own South West.  Loooooong long wait.  I doubt that we got more than IF we got this, four hours sleep per night.  I am barely awake and will go to bed here shortly.  I am sure my sons are going to be doing the same. 
Considering the reason for the trip, we would do it in an heartbeat all over again.  Family is just that, family and we love them and want to be a support regardless of our own grief.
One of my sons called the fleabag motel we wound up in, in N.J., the "CarcinogInn".  It was relativly inexpensive when you consider the rest of the better known places  ($400.00 some a night for all of us) and we didn't know any better till I plunked down my money and opened the door.  The smell was palpable!  The entire place has housed smokers and the walls were dark yellow and the smell was horrendous.  My son's and of course my little grandson doesn't smoke nor does my other brother and his wife and there we all were...suffocating.
Better hotels/motels make attempts to clean up the air in these places but this place really was a dive.  My son has some pictures of the rooms on his blog site.  Filthy shag carpet, dirty bathroom and the rest of the place dirty as well.  If we had not been under duress and time constraint we would have left.  But we got there and the funeral was a few hours away.  So, we dressed and got ready, had a bite to eat and were gone till 2330 that night. Slept a few hours and up again to do more of the same.  We just took what we had  (rooms) and got thru it (the smell and so on).
But...after the long airport wait, arriving in Raleigh-Durham about 2230, driving to Charlotte etc etc, we arrived at the other son's house at 0200.  Slept till 0700 and headed off driving back here.  Whew.
Am I complaining?  I am not.  I'm relating but I'm not complaining. (except about the CarcinogInn) I love my brother deeply and will always honor the love that they had for one another, he and my sister-in-law for the 42 years they were married.  They, he, is worth everything we did and we'd do it again if need be.
It is just after 8 here and I am trying hard to stay awake a little longer before going to bed which I SO want to do.  If I don't wait a while I will be up and awake at 0400.  I'm still off and on funeral leave.
Just rambling on, guys.

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