Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Forgot to tell you something funny 4/06

Remember when I was whining a few blogs back on my return about sitting in the airport in Philadelphia for hours and hours?  In a strange way, there was an upside to that. 
After all those hours waiting (and everyone was patient..I guess everyone may as well be 'cause we sure weren't going anywhere till South West got good and ready) they made the announcement that we could board.  there were  out-loud cheers from all of us..and there were plenty of us, as other flights had landed and those people too were waiting for their connecting flights.  So, we got to board and really it wasn't long before we started moving toward our place in the line to take off.
Meanwhile we had this really great flight attendent named Jeff (I looked at his name tag).  He made some jokes over the intercom system and actually got most of us laughing.  Then, as he was making the requisite announcement to have the trays in an upright position, seatbelts securely fastened etc etc he said since we were all hungry no doubt after having waited so long, he'd serve the peanuts, like, THEN instead of making us wait.  To do so, he'd roll them down the aisle.  We laughed.  But danged if during the steep part of the ascent, he didn't start those little packages rolling down the aisleway!!!!  We all leaned over some with our hands out to scoop them little boogers up. 
The first 10 rows got those peanuts.  Not to slight the rest of us, he got out the peanuts  again after we leveled off and gave us 2 bags apiece!  When several of us asked for more, he gave us more.
Now, that may not sound like a lot to you but the humor was much appreciated by we long suffering waiters in the airport and look at me writing about it.  I am a fan now of South West Airlines where I may have been soured on them as I had never flown them before.  I've always been a Delta gal.
When he was going over the instructions for putting on the face masks in the event of a loss of cabin pressure he also spoke, of course, about putting your own mask on first and then putting  the child's mask on whatever child you had with you or that you were seated by.  But the way he said it was hilarious.  I can't do it justice as too much time has passed but it was something similar to " pick out whichever child has the most potential and help him/her with their mask.  He said it funnier..just I don't remember exactly what.  We all knew he was kidding and trying to lighten the time for us.  And we all had a good chuckle.
Thought I'd tell you about that.

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