Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gees Marie! July 8

What a hot hot day Yesterday we tied the record. I will get in there to hear the local news in a few minutes to see if we broke a record.

My grass or rather to say, weeds as I have more of those than actual grass..OK..the YARD then. is crisp and browning well. No use in watering the weeds. It's a waste of money and trust me, they charge an arm and a leg for water and they add the sewer tax on top of that.

But I got out..did my things and came back and without thinking about it, I actually got the car cover on without anchoring it with the lawn chair down on the trunk lid. It just started going on..and about halfway done..I gasped at the wonder that I was getting it done without holding it down..but while gasping I kept folding it onto the rest of the car. Fastest I ever did it. Bet that never happens again.

Ate my first and only tomato from my tomato plant. Standing by for others to ripen. Sure is a slow process.

Oldest will be here this weekend. Potatoes O'Brien for him Saturday morning with biscuits and bacon and eggs, coffee. Nummy! Still deciding about tomorrow evening's supper.



  1. pizza n a beer

    hot doggies

    hot n hot n hotter


  2. Nice and warm today here too. About 90 degrees. I like the sunny weather much better than the clouds and rain we have much of the year here in the Seattle area. I'm used to it though as I've been here all my life.

  3. It's much cooler for us though we had a pizza or two to drown out sorrows LOL! I'm learning not to fight point. It's 87 right now and I'm not complaining a bit!