Sunday, July 18, 2010

Georgia Peaches

My friend finally came over last evening and delivered a bag of Georgia peaches to me. I was told they were coming Friday or Saturday but I gave up until late last night a phone call from the peach person and then the delivery of the peaches. I have them in the fridge as fruit flies just appear from the thin air. I just sliced and had two. They are good sized and after they go down, I'll have some more. Nicely sweet.

I gave the peach giver (on vacation at the time in Myrtle Beach) a sack of my tomatoes and so while I got more peaches than I gave tomatoes, still I had something to give back.

I was also given a hot pink souvenir T shirt. :-) I washed that and it's folded waiting on its try out.

I found to my horror that the guy who caulked all of my windows moved the dryer without my knowing he needed to or I would have warned him. Hence he moved it a little and that was enough to disconnect it from the vent. You are thinking"so?" Well, firstly I had no knowledge of that until; I started the dryer and found it was exhausting into the kitchen. Not good when it's hot out and the a/c is running. Not good anyhow. So, you're thinking "just connect it". Can't be done except under extreme duress. A. There is no place for the dryer to go but where it is. B. The hole from the dryer and the hole in the wall do not meet. C. There is a transfer in place, Z shaped, to help BUT because of a built in little desk next to the dryer place which remember-can't go anywhere else in this house but where it is, it is a question of a long period of touch and go to try to line it up WITH A BROOM HANDLE! It took the guys who installed the dryer close to an hour. I have kept it safe these 4 years. Now THIS guy disconnects it. I am not a happy camper. Likely he will charge me to come back and fix what he wrecked IF he is able to fix it or I have to pay 75 or more dollars to get it fixed by the place I bought it from.

That's the Ramblingon Report for Sunday July 18.


  1. Hope that you get it all sorted out. I dunno! Men! Especially workmen! Do they ever do a job right? Glad you are enjoying the peaches. They are one of my favourite fruits as well.

  2. Now that is just terrible..I sure hope you can get it all fixed without charging a ton of money on it. Geez what a bummer. Have another peach they will help ya feel better, : )

  3. Now there's were my hubby comes in real handy. He can contort his body into the weirdest positions. Well just try and keep the thought of those nice ripe juicy peaches in your mind. Have a great week. Hugs Carrie

  4. ...and just where are my peaches Mrs?!? Well, we'll let it slide this time but I have to see this is nearly too much! That is highly annoying with the vent...I can imagine that being more than a minor irritation.