Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gettin' 'er Done July 6, 2010

I have to hire everything done. It's expensive most times but if it is going to get done, I have to hire it out to be done. There used to be a business in the area called Rent a Husband. I never had occasion to call for repairs etc as things were alright at the time more or less, and who had time anyway? However, they seem to have gone out of business so it's to the local classified ads I go on occasion. So far, no clunkers. I have been fortunate. Also, several folks who do on-going jobs such as pest control try to look out for me and recommend trusted or vetted handymen etc. I employed one of those recommended ones yesterday.

I think I have a winner with this guy, more than usual. He took down the old fall outta the wall towel rack in the bathroom and installed a block of spruce wood with a new brass towel bar on it, to the wall using studs which the former person a few years back, didn't bother to do. No more falling off the wall towel bars. My son while here got the fluorescent light bulbs I needed (again..flickering probs) and took down that cloud of a cover and installed new bulbs and reinstalled that huge cover for me..and did it right. Not crooked one little bit like it was.

But the main reason the guy was here was to caulk around all of the windows. I have new windows yes, but the area around all of them needed caulking on the inside due to the wooden frames that had been created and put up. NINE tubes of caulk for a one tube should have been, job. The person who installed the decorative frames years ago did a bad job.Now, it is air tight. So, that's what I paid for. he's coming back some time this week to do fresh and needed weather stripping around the doors. The current stuff is about dead.

This is the umpteenth day without rain. We are 8 inches below normal if not more whereas last two years we were a foot above normal and more. BUT I got my first tomato picked as I showed on the other blog and FB.

Time to get cracking and get a face on and get out of here. ♥


  1. I like that title, "Rent a Husband". You would think they would have plenty of business, lol. I just loan mine out once in awhile. Sister you know. She too is alone and so he does little repairs for her and mows her lawn since she's right across the street. Good you found a person who does the job right. They can be few and far between.

  2. We are receiving a nice rain as I type. I knew if I started watering my lawn it would draw the rain clouds in...If not? The next step was to get my cars washed. That usually works too.

    Caulking around your windows is important. no matter how new. If I was your neighbor...No charge. Well, maybe some meat loaf and mashed potatoes.

    Have a nice week and sending some rain showers your way...Greg

  3. Reminds me that I have stuff that I need to do around my house, but there's never enough time or energy to do it all. I hope you have a nice week!
    Gerry :)

  4. We have several of the "Rent a Husband" type service companies in our area. And they are in all price ranges and experience levels. It's good you have found one you like and trust.

  5. I know exactly what you are talking about. I was lucky in that one of my good friend's husband was multi-talented and he did all kinds of odd jobs for me which I happily paid him well for. It is just gettind someone that you can trust to do things for you.

  6. Take off the d and add a g to getting please. ;-)

  7. A good handyman is gold don't you think? We are as usual cooler than usual by far and we've had more than our share of rain...I think summer won't really be happening this year. If I didn't have Africa out there ahead of me I might start feeling sorry for myself LOL!