Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Going Backward 4/06

Went backwards today.  Had a PB&J sandwich for breakfast and one egg and some potatoes O'Brian for supper.  Both were good at the time I ate 'em.  You know how it is..."sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't." And today felt like a backward kind of day. 
You're right Patty if you read this.  I do feel more upbeat.  I think I was...well I know I was very very tired when I wrote that.
Had a good day.  Went to my oldest's place and helped him out with something.  Then, because I'm a mom, I headed out to the store and got him a few items he hasn't thought of for his place.  Came back to town and got gas for the car.  6.7 gallons I think it was for $19.80.  Man.  Talked to my middle son while traveling and checked on the youngest who is still recovering from a whopper of a virus.  Laid him out for a week at least.  He even missed work for a few days and felt horrible when he went in yesterday. So he declined my company though I was going right past his place. 
So, good day for a mom.  Got to talk to all three though two by phone.  Have the cell charging now and my Palm Pilot.
There is something to be said for contributing to your Company's 401k if they offer one.  I have been doing so for 23 years and got my quarterly statement this afternoon.  Growing decently and I contribute 20% just to that alone.  Girl has to take care of herself, no one else is gonna.  Right?
If that is an advantage to you as an employee that your company offers, please start the 401k for yourself.  You will never regret that and you may regret the lack of one on down the road if the opportunity was there and you failed to take it while you could.  No time is too late.  Ready cash from the paycheck is nice of course.  But money waiting when you need it is even nicer and it is a relatively painless way to save. 
It was crystal clear not a cloud in the deep blue skies several days in a row.  Today, well, cloudy and just under warm all day.  Somewhere in the 60's.  Rain the next several days.  I guess we need it but I sure would like to see another day as the past two have been. 
See ya later

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