Monday, July 19, 2010

Good Stuff '06

I have enjoyed the heck out of today.  Beautiful day, for one thing.  Great company for another.  Been gone since 1030, but had lunch with a friend and also went shopping the sales for the 4th.  I got such a georgous white skirt!  White embroidery on the bottom...pintucks all around the drop of the waist, say 12 inches or so.  Tiny little waist band width of like a quarter of an inch.  Rolled hem and the skirt is made of handkerchief -like cotton. A little full without looking like it..lined with gossamer cloth.  I happen to have a white see thru (with satin stripes) shirt with an opaque tank to wear with it. Got that, some unmentionables and I am set.  Again. 
Miss Kitty let me sleep till 7 again.  Just barely.  She can't stand me to remain in bed any longer than that.  She starts with sounding a clarion call from the floor..pacing back and forth at the side of the bed.  That not working means a leap upward to the bed itself whereupon she works her nose into my closed eyes and my ears if I don't let the eye wash work.  Whiskers tickle my forehead and the sides of my face.  I always wave an arm at her, weakly.  It never works for me. So, If that doesn't do it, she deliberatly jumps hard onto my side or belly, which ever is available according to my position.  I have watched her thru cracked eyelids rear up on her back feet and come down on me with those front paws. If that doesn't roust me out, she tries sounding the cat alarms again with a few purrs thrown in.  Then, when I give up and try to go down the hall to the kitchen to feed her (not like there isn't dry food in her bowl!!) she weaves between my clumsy-from-sleep feet and we have a contest who gets tripped and or hurt first.  Me or her. Usually it's really no contest as I turn flips trying not to step on her.  Would she had the same concern!!
I have just had a great day.  I hope you all have had the same and here's hoping for a super week and holiday for all of you.
Later dudes


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