Monday, July 19, 2010

Good Times '06

Well, it had to happen.  The break had to begin its conclusion and today is that last day.  I still have the oldest here.  Everyone else is gone and he will be also this afternoon.  Then a little clean up..a bit of last minute grocery shopping for the 4 midnights that are coming up starting tomorrow.
That was a great lunch we had that started with grilling the hotdogs, yesterday.  YUM.  I see that everyone had a pretty good 4th and I am glad.  We did too.
It had been in the high 90's every day and no rain.  We are almost 6 inches below normal rainfall.  Today should break that chain as it is clabbered up out there already. Wish it would wait a little longer because there is a lot of stuff to get into the car and a lot of running to do before this afternoon late. P.S. @ later on:  It ain't rained 15 drops!!!
I was thinking about Beth's blog where she spoke of the problems involved with shift change at the hospital her husband is in as a patient.  Now, I don't work in a hospital but I DO work in an emergency setting and job. Bad things happen any time, any minute and are no respecters of shift change.  We have shift change too. (you know I have said over and over I am on a 12 hr. shift rotation).  However, guess what????  NOTHING gets past the on-coming shift or the shift being relieved.  The on-coming does not mind, and is expected to act on radio/telephone/people traffic and dilemmas.  The off-GOING shift is too.  EVERYONE works in concert till the shift being relieved is out of the door.  That being so, I cannot understand why that isn't the case in a life or death situation like a hospital. I don't go for the excuses submitted on behalf of the hospital personnel.  There is absolutely NO excuse for leaving the patients on their own X amount of time just because Staff are in a shift change.  Your ears don't stop working nor do your feet quit moving!  I said in her blog and I say again that was inexcusable and should be reported and nagged about.  AND a letter to the newspaper!!
Her husband put himself at risk being a Good Samaritan.  Think of the connotations. He could have hurt himself.  And he was trying to help a fellow patient.  That the Staff allows patients to have to do these things in the Staff's stead is unconscienable.
OK.  Got that off my mind!!

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