Saturday, July 10, 2010

Good Week 5/06

Had a good couple of days off.  Tomorrow is the last day off and I hit the bed at 2030.  Oh well..just four more months and I am done with shift rotation.  I will just keep holding on to that.
We have had such cold cold nights and pretty chilly days too.  That is supposed to quit by mid week whereupon it will finally be more seasonal in temperature.
I entered the cat in a pet "beauty" contest.  Hope she wins.  I think she's a stunning beauty myself!  :)  It's a fund raiser really and costs a dollar to enter the pet's photo. 
Anyone use Mozilla Firefox for a browser?  You like it?  My oldest installed it on my computer and I have that as well as I.E.   All blogs are done with the I.E. browser but I do like Mozilla.
The next six days and nights I will be working.  For family I will say this is the much dreaded '6 day thing'.  The 3 days starting Friday, the 24 hr. turnaround and the 3 midnight shifts.  All 12 hrs. each. 
Hey..nothing really to say..blanked tonight.  You all, each of you out there in blog land, have a great evening and a super weekend to come.  I'll be thinking about 'cha!!
I'll come and see you all in the blogs probably pretty much every day but may not write but every other day..depending.
Here's a hug!!

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