Friday, July 2, 2010

Gotter (half) done Mar 06

Got the three day shifts done and I am on my 24 hour break. I'll start the midnights tomorrow. Three of them and I'm outta there for three days after which time I start the day shifts. You're right, Larry, if you are reading this; I am a rotation shift worker. 12 hr. rotation shift worker. Long days and long mids. Why I have to go to bed at 2030 at night and 0830 in the mornings when working. And thank you for what you said. It always means a lot to me. You too Cheryl. I appreciated the comment.
Got home but not before an 'emergistop' at the grocery. Ran out of those little frozen entrees that comprise my main meals when working. Fed Ms. Kitty, myself and hit the computer. As I am fond of saying, I can be a big girl tonight. I got up at 0330, BUT if I can hold my eyes open past 10, I will be up like some adults usually are. I'll have a nap at noon tomorrow to get ready for the midnights so this really is a neat little break for me.
Here's wishful thinking for ya. I got home..tore thru the house after feeding the cat and threw off my work clothes and threw ON shorts. Shorts!!! And a tank top. It got up to 40 today and expected to be 22 tonight. Shorts and tank top. OK! Needless to say, I just put on long pants and a real shirt. Brrr. I have the thermostat down to 65 as usual and it's a bit brisk in here as I don't think the heat has come on since I got home.
Ahhh. I am so looking forward to a hot shower. Comfy gown, fuzzy slippers and looking at you all's blogs. I only got into a few this morning before I logged off to really get ready for work. You woulda liked my outfit. I wore black and I chose some pieces from my sterling jewelry to wear. Looks good against my strawberry blonde hair. That almost rhymed!! ( my spelling may be at fault there, but you know what I mean).
It was a great day at work in that if you must work weekends and I do, it's great to have few people around. Peaceful outside of the usual duties. When it's day shifts, there is too much "help".
I don't usually really do the 'stream of consciousness' thing in my blog but I did this time. I guess I'll hit publish anyway. Bear with me.

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  1. Everything going on order that way I liked that too, You still have strawberry blond hair?
    it sound pretty good a black dress with the sterling jewelry ...gorgeous Sis.