Saturday, July 24, 2010

Half Done 8-06

his will be the third of the day 24 hrs., I will do three midnights.  Meanwhile, middle son is coming with grandson today.  I will be at work of course but he knows that.  I'll see them for awhile tomorrow before I go back to bed.
This iteration of Spaces has been the hardest I have had (and you all too from what I have read) to deal with.  Almost enough to make you hang up your typing fingers.  That's three changes since I have been on here.  Today, however, it loaded correctly albeit slowly. (I have dial up and there is so much on here that MSN loaded onto it) My space as anyone coming here can see, has no added things and few photographs that I myself have added.  Easier on me. 
It's almost 0430.  I need to get in there and start getting ready. 
Something happened at work yesterday, a so-called "blonde moment" that was hilarious. I had one of the best laughs and at my expense, that I have had in a month.  I needed that!! I want to put it here and could..but I need to think about it first and how I will put it.  And too, it was hilarious to me and my boss and others who work there but may be too "inside" to be funny to anyone else who does not. We'll see, but for sure I wasn't grouchy as I was the day before and the laugh at myself was fabulous!  Made the rest of my day. And by the way, thank you all for the support yesterday when I wrote that I was snappish to a couple of employees.  Seriously, that made me feel better and I was really feeling badly at allowing circumstances to make me discourteous. 
Guess I had better go on and get in there and find what I need to get ready and head out the door.
Have a blessed day.


  1. Good Morning., I love to read though your archives. Im learing so much more about you that I didnt know before. Intersting Carole.
    Have a beautiful day.
    Im off to have coffee . Im hooked on blogger. Gessh.. Much Love my Sister of the Heart.

  2. Ohhhh, I just read what Lisa said, and omggggg, I didn't realize these were archived posts! Holy sh**. Do I feel like a dummy or what. I've been typing my fingers off for I don't know how many posts in a row, LOL.
    Omg, talk about laughing at yourself! I am ROLLING laughing at ME! Well, cripes, I'm going to keep going.