Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Happy Ending I think 5/06

This was, as I mentioned in my blog this morning, the last day shift and now I am home on my so-called long break.  It lasts seven days.  But believe me, I 'pay' for that by the schedule I work otherwise.  Long story and boring.  On to the day and the happy ending.
This was the usual sort of day shift in that place..horribly busy and never a dull moment.  In mid afternoon however, I got a phone call that I thought was going to make me feel terrible ultimately.  I thought after the man's first few words "Why did I have to be here to get this call???"
The guy named the location he was in, somewhat distant from me per se, and that there was a tiny baby fawn, "no bigger than a toy poodle".
Then he said the fawn was on the road side in the grass but kept going into the roadway and the workers..all construction  men in this case, were very concerned for him.  They said they knew they should not touch the little one for fear his mother might not take him with their scent on him.
But the little one had been out there two entire days and nights with no food, no water and no mama.  I called the wil-dlif-e person who said the mother's leave their babies for long times..but not 2 days and nights ( I put hyphens to keep search engines from picking up on that).
I kept losing the official as he was on his cell phone and the bottom line was, the signal dropped and I couldn't get him back.  I DID get the man back who called me on his cell to report the poor fawn however, and he said they were going to have to leave the work site but the baby was following the men and rubbing against their pants legs.  That the fawn had even gone to the trailer where the water condensate was dripping from the air conditioner trying to get a drink.
The guys couldn't stand to see the little one suffer and they brought him drink. 
The  WL official finally got ahold of me and the man who reported the little one and indicated that nature should perhaps take its course.  Bummer.
Later I got a call from the man who had called me in the first place hoping to find someone to take the little one and foster him or at least find a safe haven for him.  No one in the official world seemed to have stepped up to the bat, so without exchanging names with one another and certainly not telling ME who was who..someone gathered the precious one up and took him home to their country home where their nanny goat had just had kids.  He, the kind volunteer, was hoping that the nanny might allow the baby fawn to nurse.  Failing that, he himself and family would bottle feed him with goat's milk. Then, when he was able, they would free him.  They have raised a foundling before.
It was a day maker to hear that and I shredded my notes regarding the call..and if a name had been mentioned I forgot it.
Poor sweet innocent and all those men caring for him.  His mama had to have been killed and likely by a vehicle.  She wouldn't have left him so long.
I so hope it all goes well.  I will never know.  No one knows anyone's name so no one can report on how the little one fares.
But I will trust that all will be well.

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