Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Here we Go 4/06

For family and friends I will mention I am now fixing to start my midnights.  I'll get off Thursday morning.
What a mini whirlwind on these 24 hr. breaks between the 6 shifts.  Last night I did the dishes..that is, like, 4 knives and a coffee cup.   as I don't cook really when I work.  I take little frozen entrees for the main meal while there, some drinks and a couple of little snack items. For breakfast I have learned to use paper plates to reduce the dish thing.  I just don't like them piling up and who has time (or initiative) to do them in the short time I have between getting up or coming home and hitting the sack.  Not me.
But have my hair shampooed and set..standing by for the set to "take" and I'll put it all up in a ponytail before I take my nap at noon.  The wash is done, dried and folded and put away.  Hey, exciting isn't it?
Ever say something inadvertantly over the phone that is completely innocently said comes out all wrong?  I had one of those yesterday at work.  I'd like to tell that one as it is funny but not too appropriate to have in a family Space.  Just totally accidental and ribald without any intent.  Just had asked a question but my choice of words was not the best.  The caller, after a hesitation of a few seconds started chuckling and then laughing.  I heard my words coming back to me in my mind and my face felt hot.  So I know I was blushing.  But I too had to laugh.
It has been a good three day shifts and I am hoping for an equally good three midnights.  I stayed up till 2210 last night!  That was my " See?  I'm a big girl now" hours.  Considering I was up from 0315, not too bad holding out till that hour. 
I noticed in my comments on either Beth's Space or one other that my typos increase at warp speed when I am trying to comment at 4 in the morning.  Sorry ladies.  :)  It's embarrassing but I can't change them now.  Learn to look before you hit send I keep telling myself but it never happens. I just hit send.
Later dudes and dudettes

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