Saturday, July 10, 2010

I ddidn't appreciate. In hopbor of Mother's 5/06

I Didn't Appreciate
By Walker Moore
As I get older, I realize there are things in my life I didn't appreciate until it was too late.
I didn't appreciate the naps they used to make me take in kindergarten.
I long for the day when someone says, "You can't work anymore until you take a nap." I guarantee you, I won't argue.
I didn't appreciate one-cent candy or milk that was delivered to your front door. In the "do-it-yourself" world we'll never see either of those again.
I didn't appreciate those face-squishing hugs my mother used to give me. Now that she's gone home to be with the Lord, I long for just one
more. This time I would squish her right back.
I didn't appreciate the sacrifice my parents made for my brothers and me to keep us clothed, fed and happy.
I didn't appreciate the days I danced barefoot in the rain with my mouth open wide trying to get a drink of raindrops.
I didn't appreciate mom letting us mess up the living room on a rainy day. I thought building a tent with a secret tunnel is what everyone did
on those days.
I didn't appreciate the marvels of planting a seed and watching it sprout into a full-grown plant.
I didn't appreciate the struggles we had to go through as a family.
Because of yesterday's struggles, we have strength for today.
I didn't appreciate the times my sons came to me and asked those annoying, unanswerable questions. "What makes a duck quack?" "Why is the sky blue?" I had no idea they thought I was smart enough to answer all their questions.
I didn't appreciate the times our family had together.
I didn't appreciate those "primary" Sunday School teachers who went through so much trouble to collect toilet paper rolls so I could understand what a scroll was.
I didn't appreciate those clear nights when the stars danced with glee showing off their awesome Creator.
I didn't appreciate our son's "refrigerator artwork" that made our house a home.
I didn't know to appreciate the muddy footprints my wife and I so often found making a path across our carpet as a representation of life.
I didn't appreciate the times my children fell asleep in daddy's arms. I didn't realize it was there they felt protected from all the elements of the world.
I didn't appreciate my parents taking me to church, the place I found Jesus.
I didn't appreciate the ease at which I can access a Bible, while I know people who hunger for a single page.
And, even today, I can't fully appreciate what a great salvation I have.
God, I have just one prayer for today. Open my eyes that I may be able to see and appreciate the things that You do each day.

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