Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Know I Know 8-06

I know.  Seems all I do is complain about spaces since they changed it.
I can't get Friends to load, most of the time I can't comment.  Friends helps me get from one blog to the next more easily than if I kept hitting back or used the 'go back to your space' thingy.  Those, after a few blogs, make me lose IE and I have to log on all over again.
But shows the space left for it but will not load for whatever reason.  My pictures won't either and the only good thing about that is we've all seen them and I sure know what they look like.  ;-)
One of my blog friends finally sent me an email tonight.  What a relief!  I thought there had been an accident or something!  WHEW! She too is having a hard time.  Can't publish, can't comment and has to use email for pity sakes, to even create a blog!!!
I'm doing my best to stay awake till 2200.  Worked my last mid and got home just after 7 this morning.  Got up noonish to clean the house and as I mentioned before, I have to get up that early so as to change my nights and days back around to normal.
Errands tomorrow morning and then lunch with a good friend whom I have not seen for too long as it is.  Must be close to a month. Then back to the eye doctor again.  He did it again.  Went thru twice this last time as well as last time I was there for new glasses.  I paid umpty ump dollars for the new ones..already talked about that and hoped to get home OK.  Nope.  Tried them back on, wore them 4 hrs.  Developed a headache from them and kept trying to clean lenses that weren't dirty.  Turns out the left lens is not correct and consequently looks smeary to me.  So, here I have to waste my valuable time going back now that I have a break.  Had to wait 7 days from getting them.  He'll re-test but if he would just listen to me and put that lens back to the strength I have now..all would be well.  But now, I have to surrender them again..wait a week or more, be inconvenienced again going to get them and sit through another try-on time. I know.  Things could be worse.  But I am grouchy about it because I wish he'd just get it right the first time.
I have the day shifts to do..a long break (and I will go to Charlotte on the weekend of the long break) then a set of 4 mids to do..a break, then I will come off shift rotation for two weeks of hateable day shifts and then..I am outta there!!!
Still on my diet and have lost the weight I gained when I quit smoking.  I am working on the last years Fall and Winter gain this time.  Hope I don't succumb to holiday foods again this year. Yo Yo dieting is not good for you.
I made some more nectar for my hummingbirds.  Cleaned their feeder and they have some good fresh nectar to enjoy. I'll be cooking for the little guys thru September.
I hope to gosh everyone is OK.  Several are on vacation just came back.  I'm whining about seem right on course!


  1. My prob on WLS is the same as your friend's. Rarely can I get onto my own space or write a blog, and then can't publish either; can't comment on 99% of my friends' blogs, and I have really just given up. Makes me sick. That was the reason I started a new one over here. I hate starting from scratch, but it has to be done.
    Diets. I need to start another. I quit smoking in May a yr ago, then Mom got sick the beginning of July and I went to her house to care for her. I never left. She passed away Aug 6th '09. I never touched another cig although I don't think I would have quit at that time had I known the stress level was going to be through the roof. Point is, now 30 lbs up. It's gotta go. BUT I'm smoke free, so yayyyy me. And yayyyy you.

  2. PS/ I was a pack to a pack and a halfer every day for 45 yrs. Amazing, and think of all the $$$$$$$$$$ down the tube.